Home Security Risks: Beware of Burglar Allure

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A home break-in can be a scary, traumatic experience. Unfortunately, break-ins are extremely common; according to data from the FBI, in 2022, there were more than 847,000 break-ins in the US.

While there’s no guaranteed way to protect yourself from a home break-in, some homes are more appealing to burglars than others. If you want to lower your chances of a break-in, you should know what makes a home an easy target.

A recent article from realtor.com outlined signs that can signal to burglars that a home is an easy target and increase the risk for break-ins, including:

  • No alarm system. If you don’t have an alarm system installed, it can send a message to burglars that they can get in and get out easily without setting off an alarm, which can play a major role in which house they choose to burglarize. In fact, according to the article, burglars are 300% more likely to target a home without an alarm system vs. a home equipped with alarms. So, if you want to protect your home from break-ins, installing an alarm system is a great start.
  • Mail pile-ups. When a burglar sees an overflowing mailbox, it indicates that the homeowner hasn’t picked up their mail for at least a few days, which is a sign that they’re likely not home, making it the ideal time for a break-in. If you have to go out of town, ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail.
  • No outdoor lighting. In order to successfully break into a home, burglars need to fly under the radar. That’s why a home without any outdoor lighting is ideal; it allows the burglar to watch the home and try different entry points without being seen. To avoid the issue, make sure the exterior of your home and property is well lit with automatic and/or motion-sensor lights. Make sure the lights cover any potential entry points, like doors or windows.